The origin of Madison racing began at Madison Square Garden.  At first it was called the American but the venue of its debut has stuck.  Shortened to simply the Madison it is now a most popular race type recognised throughout the world.

The Bendigo International Madison running since 1972 is now a tradition in Bendigo during the Labour Day weekend in March.  Popular for its exciting changes and sometimes, spectacular crashes the madison has always been able to attract world class athletes.

Cycling in Bendigo has always been strong.  Over many years cyclists have made their presence felt in events and all have contributed to a cycling history the city can be proud of.

Cycling in Bendigo has seen a surge in participation over the last two years.  Recreational and racing cyclists in Bendigo are all working to build and improve the image of cycling.

The Bendigo International Madison is an event not to be missed.  Once you have seen it you will be back again.  Bendigo is the Centre of Cycling during the March Labour Day weekend.

Madison Historical Snippets

Mark Cavendish raced the Bendigo International Madison in 2005.  He won the criterium with a trademark sprint finish.  He finished 7th in the madison and 2 weeks later became the World Madison Champion.
Danny Clark & Brett Aitken have both won 5 madisons. Stephen Pate has won 4.
Current riders from the madison who ride with international teams are Stuart O’Grady (Green Edge), Baden Cooke (Green Edge), Chris Sutton (Sky), Cameron Meyer (Green Edge), Leigh Howard (Green Edge), Travis Meyer (Green Edge), Michael Hepburn (Green Edge), Luke Durbridge (Green Edge), Simon Clarke (Green Edge), Zac Dempster (Endura) Mitch Docker (Green Edge), Bernard Schulzburger (Raleigh), Matthew Goss (Green Edge)
World Champions Cameron Meyer & Leigh Howard won the Madison by a staggering 3 laps in 2011. Stuart O’Grady & Brett Aitken and the first winners Keith Oliver & Bob Whetters are the only other teams to achieve such a convincing victory.
Countries represented at the Madison over the years are Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Japan, Malaysia, Chile, New Zealand, Netherlands, United States & Italy.
Traditional gearing for the madison used to be 87.7 (52 x 16) now riders ride up to 96.0.(54 x 15)
The Roy Bakes Memorial Sprint is the final sprint in the madison. It is in honour of the tireless work and gathering of sponsors Roy did for the Madison Committee in the early years.
The madison is 200 laps (approx. 85km) and has 34 sprints.  It is unique in its format and differs significantly from the current Olympic regulation madison which is 40 km in length and has only 8 sprints.
The Lions Club of Bendigo & surrounding district Lions Clubs are the heart & soul of the Bendigo International Madison.  Members do everything from manning gates and food vans and any other thankless job going.  The Bendigo International Madison is very much indebted to the work of Lions Club members.